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The Garden Coach specialises in getting hedging plants to you at discount prices, enquire today or call for a quote or further information.

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After 20 years in the Gardening, Landscaping and Garden Management business, the list of ways that Lester Brice - the Garden coach could help you with your gardening project is a long as a garden centre checkout line on Labour weekend! Most basic maintenance services fees are around $50 an hour. (Garden coaching services start at $60 per hour)
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    "It's all about enjoying your garden, not enduring it"

    Hedging Plants

    Don't forget to check out the range of Hedging plants available direct to you.

    Other services include

    Tree Care and Pruning
    Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems
    Garden Design and Implementation
    Resource Consent Approval
    Garden Maintenance
    Display Recommendations
    Garden consultation and Advice

    Architectural Designers
    Signage and Display
    Horticultural Suppliers